Every interaction is loyalty in the making. Or breaking.

Every interaction adds or erodes the loyalty customer’s feel for your brand.

Loyalty is a product of your people and the experiences they create for your customers. We help ensure your brand’s human interface—not just your digital one—is always increasing the value of your customer relationship, and driving business results.

We take a ‘known-customer’ approach to customer experience, and we identify what your people can do to recognize customers and make their experience more rewarding as a result—with specificity and unique tailoring, down to an individual customer level. Using data-based insights and proven methodologies rooted in neuroscience, we enable experiences at a human level, but with scale—and ensure people choose your brand over and over, and over again. We turn little moments into big loyalty.

The following is our approach to designing and creating Customer Experience.

The ABCs of HX

Customer Experience Exploration

We seek to start all CX work with an in-depth understanding of both your current brand and your desired future state, your strengths and key opportunities for improvement and differentiation—from outside your organization and from within. Either through conducting our own research or a deep dive into what you’ve already done, we can derive a set of drivers to focus your brand’s efforts on.

Services include:

  • Voice of Customer (VOC) Research
  • Employee & Channel (EEI) Research
  • CX Drivers Audit

Customer Experience Design

Inspiring loyalty is ultimately created by people-to-people interactions between your brand and the customer. Yet more compelling experiences driven by unique tailoring and personalization can be created for known customers. By mapping the highs, lows and signature moments within each touch point—rather than processes, fixturing and other functional elements—we can make the greatest impacts. The sum total of your customers’ experiences with your people should be differentiating enough to produce loyalty.

Services include:

  • CX Journey Mapping
  • CX Playbook Design
  • Customer Co-creation

Culture Immersion & Evangelism

We focus on the human and emotional aspects of the journey. We implement and embed the desired customer experience by creating a brand-aligned employee and representative culture that is governed by a singular and shared purpose—breeding alignment and loyalty to cause, organization and brand. Through expertise spanning inspiration, enablement and motivation—and rooted in behavioral science—we help deliver on your CX vision. 

Services include:

  • Culture Blueprinting
  • Learning Strategy
  • CX Evangelism & Communications
  • Learning Asset Development
  • Coaching
  • Motivation Strategy

Customer Experience Measurement

We quantify customer experience in a consistent and repetitive (or continuous) manner to evaluate efforts and glean actionable insights to guide improvements and adjustments. From large trackers to ad-hoc assignments, we can help you understand the impact and investment payback of your CX efforts. 

Services include:

  • CX Tracking
  • CX Performance Reporting
  • CX Breakeven & Payback Modeling