To drive customer loyalty,
first you must understand your customer.

Attitudes can be the make or break of a loyal relationship, and choice is at the centre of that distinction. Determining which aspects of a brand’s customer experience—from product and service, pricing, and promotion to availability—are driving choice for customers, and informing what non-customers desire or require is a specialty of ours.

Quant and qual; online, phone, mobile, and in-person; crowd-sourced, client-sourced, and sourced by us; from co-creation to conjoint—there isn’t a method we don’t use. We dissect the difference between attitudes held in the heart and those housed in the head. We help you distinguish loyalty—habitual, obstructed, acute and non-existent—by identifying and understanding those who profess loyalty and will stick by your brand and those who would turn and leave on a dime.

Services include:

  • Brand

    Dissect how customers and prospects see your brand vs. your competitors, and how to adjust the aspects that matter, in order to drive better efficiency in your path to purchase, and path to repurchase.

    Bond Brand Telemetry

  • Choice

    How, why, and when customers choose your brand, products and services, and what predominantly drives those choices today, so you can better influence those choices tomorrow.

  • Experience

    How customers experience your brand and products/services, where moments of greatest dissatisfaction live, and the opportunity for signature moments that can differentiate and inspire experiential loyalty.

  • Loyalty

    What elements of your brand and offering develop true, long-term loyalty and advocacy? From customers to channel partners to employees, we can triangulate the most impactful drivers for your brand to focus on.

  • The Loyalty Report 2018

    Get North America’s leading report on consumer loyalty attitudes & insights.


  • The New Currencies of Customer Engagement

    What are they and how do they deliver on specific needs customers find valuable?

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  • Bond Brand Telemetry

    An evidence-based approach to inform the building of strong, relevant, and differentiated brands.