A collection of upcoming and on-demand webinars hosted by our thought leaders.

Webinar: The Loyalty Report 2017 – The Battle for Love and Loyalty

ON DEMAND WEBINAR –  The gloves come off as we pit champions against challengers in a battle for consumer love and loyalty. Tune in and learn how to knock out your competition, as Bond Brand Loyalty’s Sean Claessen, EVP Strategy, and Scott Robinson, VP Design & Strategy, share key Loyalty Report 2017 findings and discuss how changes in Program Member attitudes and behaviors are reshaping the loyalty landscape and pressuring the status quo.

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L360 Webinar: Leaving Loyalty on the Table

WATCH ON DEMAND: Listen in as Bond's EVP, Strategy Sean Claessen and VP Design & Strategy Scott Robinson share key 2016 Bond Loyalty Report findings and insights that answer marketers' pressing loyalty questions and curiosities. 

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Webinar: Agileloyalty—Get Rapid Ready for the New Loyalty

ON DEMAND WEBINAR—Listen in as Sean Claessen, Bond Brand Loyalty’s EVP Strategy, Scott Robinson, Bond’s Vice-President Loyalty Solutions, and Maria Pallante, Bond's VP Loyalty Solutions, walk you through how to approach the design or re-design of your loyalty program to build long-term, meaningful and profitable relationships with your best customers.

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Webinar: Craving Experience Authenticity?

View this on-demand webinar to learn how to render experience authenticity when your customer experience is delivered through multi-product channels and by thousands of brand representatives. Presented on June 16, 2015 1:00PM ET in partnership with Loyalty360.

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Webinar: 5 Tensions on the Evolution to Brand Loyalty

Bond Brand Loyalty, in partnership with Loyalty360, hosts this webinar to share implications derived from key learnings in The Loyalty Report 2015. Bond’s Scott Robinson and Sean Claessen will frame the conversation on resolving the tensions marketers face today as they relate to important brand loyalty topics.

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Webinar: Breaking the Cycle of Endless Discounting

Is your loyalty strategy stuck in a cycle of endless discounting? Many brands rely primarily on points, discounts and rebates as their primary means of influencing customer behavior – even brands whose positioning is not focused on price or savings. The challenge is that monetary incentives are not sustainably differentiating, and brands should be wary of engaging in the price discounts ‘arms race.’

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Webinar: Brand Loyalty – It’s the Outcome, Not (Just) the Program

Which brand’s programs garner the highest, and lowest, scores from Members? What sets leading brands apart? During the webinar, expect to hear answers to these questions, as well as key learnings about brand love, the role of communications, trust and privacy, mobile in loyalty, and what really drives Member satisfaction.

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The CX Payoff: How to Get the Most Out of Your Most Important Customers

ON DEMAND WEBINAR—Listen in as Morana Bakula, Bond Brand Loyalty’s Director of Customer Experience, Scott Robinson, Bond’s Vice-President Loyalty Solutions, and guest speaker Kerry Bodine, co-author of Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business, walk you through how to build long-term, meaningful and profitable relationships with your best customers.

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